Mary Ellen Patton - Vice President

Kevin Brown CMCA, AMS, PCAM - CEO

Kevin Brown has been in the property management industry for 15 years. He began his career in the industry while in college when he worked as a leasing agent. Kevin later made the move to association management when he was appointed the community manager of a large HOA which was comprised of 5 sub Associations of flats and townhouses in the Philadelphia suburbs. Kevin has worked in executive positions with the two largest national home owner management companies both in Philadelphia and Florida giving him a unique perspective on how a local company can deliver superior services. 

Kevin is a people person who likes to stay in contact with his clients.  He welcomes contact and input from both Board Members and Owners.

Executive staff

Phil Harvey - Board of Directors

Phil founded CAMCO (Community Association Management Company) to serve the management needs of condominium, homeowner associations and apartments. Today, CAMCO serves more than 15,000 units in suburban and high rise buildings. A primary reason for CAMCO's continuing success is dedication to providing a quality service at a fair prices. 

Erica Alles CMCA - Regional Manager

Erica began her career in Property Management in Florida, then transitioned to Community Association Management at a time when many apartment communities were converting to condominiums. She worked with apartments and condominiums in Jacksonville for almost ten years, where she earned her CAM license and acquired such skills as disaster management, including Hurricane Preparedness. Erica’s knowledge was applied to help prepare CAMCO’s communities in the Fall of 2011, when a hurricane devastated much of the East Coast. Erica works with other CAMCO Managers and the Administrative Staff to ensure that the most effective practices are in use. Erica works closely with the Boards of Directors in her portfolio to ensure that each Association’s needs are being met.

Kelly Donnelly CMCA, AMS - Regional Manager

Kelly is Regional Manager of our Ft. Washington office overseeing a team of Property Managers and Administrative Staff.  Kelly coordinates the efforts of the property managers in her region and interacts with contractors, consultants and volunteers, and works closely with community Boards to insure that their management expectations are exceeded.

Joe Stranen - Controller

Joe is responsible for all of CAMCO's accounting, financial and computer services. CAMCO's financials are known to be the best in the industry for their straight forward ease of readability.  As Joe says, "Simple is best; there should be nothing complicated about good financial statements." The financial staffs of three accountants and six accounts payable and receivable people produce monthly financial statements and special reports required by our clients. Joe oversees the Association's investment funds and generally acts as a watchdog for the finances of each Association.